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Ayo young money nigguh hello brooklyn president carter, nicki lewinsky
Me and the dread yo give him some head BLOW! long as he know
We keep it flyer than the red bull don't give a dam when xmas is my bitches is
President mistresses now let's go I'm with the boss I'm ms.ross
I make them girls jump like I'm criss cross back to basics bxtch
I been this hot since asix I'm tighter than face lift flyer than spaceships as for dread
I met em on mars I said I am minaj good on bars you said that he a martian
He can be ma tarzan and he looking for a bad bitch for his squarddren that's how
We got together see he controls the weather I leave ma planet never without my
Umberella it's dirty money/young money cash money see you can't catch money
Run it like fast money gettin to weezy you gotta come thru meezy
I won't hesitate to do anyone greezy if you give me the word then I'm flippin the bird
And then I'm spinning and gripping the burners see I've been the bitch since
Bubblegum and double-dutch you was playing hopscotch been top-notch bxtches
Is wack they trash they just polution made ya own tracks make that cha resolution


[Lil Wayne:]
I got chu baby
Okay I'm dread yo I have a red hoe I keep a red flow blood gang bitch
I get that bread tho I get that head blwo until she gotta red throat (hah)now who be
Rollin with tha boy like sushi she sed her name was nicki I'm to she I didn't have to
Introduce me she knew I told her that she was unique like a boutique and I got her
And she said she got me let's go she with the boss I'm the boss he the president
And she lewinsky btu they neva get caught and I coud give her brain back cause
I'm so smart fuck with my bitch and I'm a draw liek pocasso art I'll spit atcha like a
Hot bic well niggaa if it's not her then it's not (me) as for her
I met her on mars and she sed I'm minaj and I'm good with them bars
She got me with her charm my wings are my arms now we flying over chicken heads
Shitting on ya farms like sitting on a thorn like sitting on a horn we sticking to ya ass
Like brass so get a new alarm for me and ms.nikcinaj cause we killi errwun and we
Quiting in the morning


Mr president you kno the mistress gotta holla atchu. meet me in the office.
Tell ya wife you gon b a lil late tonite


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Nicki Minaj - Sunshine 歌詞


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