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Miesten mieli maailmalle,
Poluil tietämättömille.
Merien, teiden tuolle puolle,
Taivalt tuonne taittoin.

Kulkurina maailmalla,
Soitel' viinan vihmomana,
Kansoil' tuntemattomille.
(Ryypäten elämän janoon.)

Vei polkumme Meksikoon,
Jossa elo on tequilaa.
Argentiina, Columbia, Chile, el viva!
Tiemme Brasiliaan,
Jossa elo caipirinhaa.
Argentiina, Columbia, Chile, el viva!
Caipirinha, tequila, caipirinha, tequila, el viva!

Kun ol' kyllin jano juotu,
Soitettu mailman tuvil'.
Matkattu pallo halki, poikki.
Piot huolella pietty.

Ei ollut huolta huomenesta,
Ajatusta aionkana,
Kunnes ilon vanhetessa,
Koto mieltä myöden.

[English translation:]


The men were itching to travel the world
And got away to unfamiliar paths
Beyond the seas and roads
That's where they wandered

Those tramps of the world
Played possessed by spirits
And were heard by unknown nations

Drinking to the thirst of life

Once the craving for drink had gone
Once they'd played far and wide
Once they'd gone to the ends of the earth
Once they'd thrown a good party

There was no reason for concern
Neither did cares ever cross their mind
But once the joy dwindled away
Homesickness struck 'em all

Our path led to Mexico
Where your life's tequila
Argentina, Columbia, Chile, el viva!
Our road branched off to Brazil
Where your life's caipirinha
Argentina, Columbia, Chile, el viva!
Caipirinha, tequila, caipirinha, tequila, el viva!



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Korpiklaani - Tequila 歌詞


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