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[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
You're a goddess in the bedroom
Devil in them skintights
Drug that, I'm hooked to
But it's ok, I'll be alright
Tried my best to please you
Show you what it means to
Be a victim of love
So turn on that red light, Oh
Turn on that red light
Ooh, eh

[Hook: Chris Brown & Trey Songz]
We gon' be bumping and grinding
Seems like you're ready to sex me, baby, baby
And I'm feeling on your booty, driving me crazy
Half on it baby
Cause' your body's calling me
And with your permission let me start your ignition
Don't you know that you're reminding me
Of a song on 12 play
You're like a song on 12 play

[Verse 2: Trey Songz]
F_ckin' with an R&B thug
You gon' have the greatest sex
Do you mind if I stroke you up
Baby girl, imagine that
Dripping that [?], I'mma hit it high from the back
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh - just like that
Do your body like [?] (have a little private)
Fiesta, fiesta
Somebody's girl is on my body
Naked, shaking
Etcetera, et cetera, et cetera
Hey baby


Ok, foreplay, that's childs play
Making love is my forte
Shots of you when I'm thirsty
Damn right, I'ma eat that p_ssy
Clothes all in the background
I give a [?], I don't back down
She likes her hair pulled, [?] slapped around
And the neighbours screaming out
"Keep it down"

Baby turn on the red light tonight
Lil' mama, it'll be alright
I just wanna be all on you
Do it 'til we both can't move
Your body
Your ass, girl
Sweat dripping on your body
So tonight


[Outro: Chris Brown & Trey Songz]
Oh na na na na na na, down low, down low
Oh baby, baby, baby, baby
Keep it on the down low, down low


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